Month: May 2019

Hot gay porn video

I don’t know about you, but I go searching for free gay porn, only to find that you get a few seconds of a hardcore movie. That’s no time to have a good long wank. Today I typed in ‘hot gay porn video’ to see what I could cum up with, and found a good site called ‘New Gay Fuck’ that offers us hundreds and hundreds of different hardcore movies with different themes and long movies. There are some short ones, but there are also some long ones that show the whole movie. I must admit though, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I just have time to have a quick wank before going out, but other times, I just want to sit back and relax with my hands free to do whatever they want to do.

First the best porn videos for men

All movies seem to be of the highest quality, but life is too short to check each and every one out, besides, I had already run out of lube and was feeling a bit sore.
You can check out the movies by most popular, last added, longest, or even go to the search engine at the top of the page. Besides that, you could always stroll through the many movies is has to offer through its 164 pages, or even go to the bottom of the page where it has a big list covering many fantasies such as; 69, Amateur, Bizarre, Twinks, Bears, Ebony, Outdoor, Student, Bukkake and so on and so on. The list seems endless which is great if you are in the mood for something a bit different from the norm.
I watched a full length movie that lasted for over an hour and a half called Speedoboys which is going to turn most gay men on if they like smooth young men. This young man with blonde curly hair starts off naked on the couch speaking about a hunk he keeps looking at in the shower. He strokes his cock as he pictures the hunk washing every part of his smooth, hunky body and washing his dick. His dreams come true when he sees his fantasy man in with a huge bulge in his speedos. It doesn’t take long before he goes to his knees and kisses his fat cock head before sucking his dick. It ends up with the blonde twink getting his ass fucked for a long time and he cums all over his body as his fantasy man carries on drilling his tight asshole. The movie finishes as he opens his mouth, the camera zooms in as he gets a load of thick creamy cum in his mouth and he starts to swallow.

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Fuelled up with desire, I then watched another hardcore movie as a hairy muscular young cub walks around Paris in the mood for hot sex. He goes to a young man’s apartment where they suck on each other’s hard cocks. He fingers the young man’s cock, and he ends up drilling his tight asshole and dumping his cum deep in the young man’s ass, leaving him to jerk himself off.
I bookedmarked the page, had a rest, and went back to see what more this site had to offer. I didn’t have so much time this time, so I found a five minute spanking movie where a mature daddy spanks and fondles a young man’s ass until its bright pink, and then fucks him and sprays his cum all over the young man’s sore ass.
‘’ has plenty of hot gay porn videos for us all to watch morning, noon and night. Buy a stack of tissues, because believe you me, you are going to need them…

Virgin Hunter – a new Str8ToGay serie

Str8 To Gay are continuing with their series Virgin Hunter and here we’ve got the butch and up for it Tom Faulk with the equally as sexy Haigen Sence.
His name might remind you of an ice cream and he’s just as yummy, but he’s a lot hotter for sure. This series of movies takes a slightly quirky stance in its set up. It’s about straight guys who would usually baulk at the thought of sucking cock, let along getting fucked by one, and then it brings in a magical wood inhabited by a rather hunky Cupid. At least I think that’s the setup.
Basically you’ll find two gay guys in each scene, and one of them, at least, gets shot by an arrow of lust and falls prey to some other hunk in a hardcore fuck session.

In this case Tom is hanging around outside a public room when Haigen comes along and heads in to wash up. While he is doing this, somewhere out there in magic land, Cupid fires off an arrow. Back in rest-room-land Tom moves in on Haigen and suggests they have some fun while his buddy stands guard (off stage). Tom’s a bit, ‘say what?’ and ‘No way’ but very soon gives in, as the arrow has clearly spread its love dust, of whatever it was tipped with.
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And now we are on more familiar territory as Haigen’s straight cock is out and Tom’s lips are wrapped around it. Tom is big and beefy and I am sure he is getting more muscled by the day, each time I see him he’s got more bulk, he’s certainly cut his hair this time and looks even better than he did before. Anyway, he’s going down on Haigen’s dick, much to out straight man’s surprise, and enjoyment, and the guys start making out right there in the passage outside the restroom. As Tom’s sucking he’s also stroking and there are some nice low-angle shots to make sure we get the best of both views. This scene also holds some pretty horny nut licking moments, which make a bit of a hot diversion from the usual.
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Things soon move on a pace with our bulky hot Tom getting his ass rammed by our ‘was straight now not so sure’ Haigen, up against the passage wall, and then moving into another room and onto the sofa.

Here the camera has more room to manoeuvre and we get wider and different shots.

Tom on his back gay fucked by the straight guy, dirty talk, Tom fucking Haigen on the sofa, a straight man’s first taste of cock in ass, Haigen shooting jets of cum up his body as Tom probes his ass with his cock-head, and Tom shooting off onto Haigen’s shaved balls. Tell you what, Cupid can shoot me with that arrow anytime.…