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Belami Online models – Tom Rogers and Jack Harrer

Well, as you know, my name is Jack Harrer, and I have been a pornstar since 2010 when I started in solos, stroking my eight-and-a-half-inch dick until my hot cum shoots all over the place.
I must admit, I am addicted to sex and love a big dick in my ass, and my big fat dick fucking a guy’s tight ass balls deep. I have had sex with some of the biggest and best names around, and in my latest movie, I have the chance to fuck a new guy to BelAmi Online, Tom Rogers.
Obviously, we have never met, but I know he will have heard about my big meaty cock, everyone has. I am not being big headed here; it’s what people tell me all the time. I have even stood in a bar before, and I can see that people are looking at the bulge in my pants.
OK, let’s speak about this hot newbie to BelAmi Tom Rogers

New Belami Online model Tom Rogers
Well, I have to admit, Tom is fucking gorgeous. He has a cute clean-cut look with light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and he is a natural born bottom with a seven-and-a-half-inch cock. This may be his first movie here, but he has also been in a few scenes elsewhere.

Jack Harrer – hot gay porn star

I have starred in over 64 movies for BelAmi, and I was born in 1990 in the UK. I am five feet eight inches tall with light brown hair sexy blue eyes, and I have a smooth, toned body and an eight-and-a-half-inch uncut, thick cock, as I might have said.
This movie was released on the 9th of February 2019 and is bareback.

Now lets bring these two together

I am as excited to meet Tom Rogers as I know he is to meet me. He’s running a bit late, so I go and find him in the bathroom. Wow, he is fucking hot! I show him my flaccid cock. It’s not that huge just now, but just until he feels it in all its hard glory, he’s going to go wild.
I am sat on the couch in just my tight whities, and as Tom enters the room in the same kind of underwear, he sits on my lap, and we kiss. I rub his nipple for a bit, and he asks if he can see my dick again. I am more than happy to oblige.
As he pulls my thick dick out of my pants, his eyes widen with anticipation. He holds it in the palm of his warm hand and starts to stroke it up and down. I sit back on the couch as he licks my cock all the way up its long shaft and around my cock head. His mouth feels really tight around my shaft as he slowly starts sucking.
I feed more of my cock down his throat, and then I get him to lick my shaved balls for a while until I get his soft lips around my cock once again. God, his mouth feels good.
I get down on my knees, and with my meat standing proudly to attention, I get down and take his in my mouth. As I get him excited, I jerk and soon start to feel my balls tighten.
Tom gets up on the couch on all fours and offers me his ass like a bitch on heat.
I slap his ass which he loves, and then take a lick of his shaved butt hole. He moans with pleasure, and as I lick his ass, I jerk more on his cock. My own throbs and I am now licking his ass and stroking on both of our dicks at the same time.
With his hole dripping with my saliva, I get behind Tom and aim my raw cock directly at his shining wet butt hole. The camera goes in close, and I watch as every inch goes in nice and steady. I start fucking him slow, but I soon pick up my pace and pound him deep.
We butt fuck in all kinds of positions, and as I fuck him on his back, his hot cum shoots out and splashes all over his strong abs. I pull my cock out, and as I grab his leg, I open up his butt hole and my cum shoots straight on that fucked pucker and the inside of his thigh. My cum just keeps on gushing, but when it starts to slow down, I grab my shaft and ram it right up his cum-drenched asshole.
That was an amazing fuck, and Tom Rogers knows how to take a big dick. This movie was filmed in the best quality, as are all of BelAmi Online movies. If you loved seeing us in hardcore action, then I suggest you join Bel Ami On Line where you can see loads of us young guys doing what cums naturally.…